Custom Curtains

Things to Consider When Getting Custom Curtains

Curtains can make the room so if you are choosing custom curtains, there are some decisions to make.


Fabric and Color: The fabric you choose will determine how well the curtains hold up over time and function. Some fabrics can keep out the cold. Linen, silk, and velvet can be good choices for window treatments since these hang the best. When choosing color you want to work with larger pieces since a smaller piece won’t show the true color. Remember that sunlight can fade the fabric over time. If the room gets a lot of light then avoid bright colors since those fade faster.


Lining and Length: Decide how high above the windows you want your custom curtains to begin. Panels higher than the window will give a sense of height to the space. If you want to use curtains to shut out the sun then the extra space around the window can block out any additional light.

We also sell Hurricane shutters los cabos to make a shield for your window openings 

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