Hurricane Screens

What Are Hurricane Screens?

When it comes to hurricanes, you will usually hear about hurricane shutters and impact windows. These are two types of popular hurricane protection but another method to protect your home during a hurricane is using hurricane screens.


Hurricane screens will protect wind-driven rain and debris from entering the home. Hurricane screens are ideal for larger openings, such as entryways, storefronts, and balconies. Screens are easy to deploy but a professional should do the initial installation. Screens offer an affordable option to protect a large space and many are translucent so in the event of a storm you will still be able to see outside. There are different types of screen available depending on your needs. The buckle and strap system can be the strongest and most versatile system. The roll-up system is permanently attached to the top of the opening and will be rolled into place with a motor or manually. Hemcord systems slide into place.


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