Hurricane Screens(Mesh)

Can Hurricane Screen (Mesh) Increase Your Property Value?

Installing hurricane shades can increase your property value because potential buyers will see the investment that was made and the care taken to maintain security and safety for the property. If there is a need to sell your property, you will find that this investment will help buyers feel more at ease about purchasing a property in a hurricane zone.


In addition to increasing the property value, hurricane screen or mesh also have other benefits. Shades protect the security of the house by making sure the vulnerable parts of doors and windows are off-limits to a common burglar after a storm. Since hurricane shades are designed to protect windows and doors, you protect property and life form shattered glass. A broken window can allow your property to become pressurized, which creates a total loss. With the right protection, you also won't have to keep installing new windows after a storm has passed the area.

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