Roll Up Shutters

Benefits of Roll Up Shutters

Roll up shutters have hurricane protection but there are also other benefits.


Burglary Protection: One of the main benefits of roll up shutters is burglary protection. The shutters are hard to remove because of the close fit to the windows and doors. They are not only a physical deterrent but also a visual deterrent since intruders see shutters as more time consuming and would rather move on to something else.


Sun Protection: Many people will protect the home using curtains and blinds but that heat is still released into the house. Roll up shutters help trap the heat and you can save on energy use.


Noise Reduction: These shutters can reduce noise up to 50% so they are useful if you live near an airport or a busy main road.


Light Control and Privacy: You get full control over the amount of noise and light that enter the room. You can lower the shutters all the way or have them open for more sunlight.

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